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    How COVID-19 Is Driving The Spread Of New Mobile Scams

    How COVID-19 Is Driving The Spread Of New Mobile Scams
    While the coronavirus pandemic continues to grip the world, fraudsters are stoking another kind of outbreak – using fear as a hook to pull users towards malicious
    apps and websites. Some estimates suggest more than 3% of the coronavirus information
    websites that have popped-up since the beginning of […]

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    What Is Penetration Testing? What Is Pen Testing?

    What Is Penetration Testing? What Is Pen Testing?
    Pen testing involves ethical hackers scaling planned attacks against a company’s security infrastructure to
    hunt down security vulnerabilities that need to be patched up. Pen testing is part of a holistic web application security strategy.
    What is penetration testing?
    Penetration testing (or pen testing) is a security exercise where a cyber-security […]

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    Why I Stopped Using CloudFlare: My Opinion

    CloudFlare is a content delivery network (CDN) that has gained a lot of
    popularity because of their alleged ability to supercharge your
    website. A lot of so-called experts (and even some web hosts) claim that
    implementing CloudFlare can help your site can gain a dramatic
    amount of boost in terms of speed and security!

    Sounds pretty awesome, right?

    While that might […]

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    Google Chrome to support lazy loading by default, starting with version 75

    With ever heavier and more complex websites, protocols like lazy loading are a gift
    from heaven – they allow sites to only download images and iframes the user sees, leaving out
    those that are out of view. While that has been possible through JavaScript libraries for years,
    native implementations should always be favored, since they’re the least resource […]

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    7 Top UX/UI Tools in 2018 You Can Use

    It takes more than a structured layout and beautiful imagery to engage a website’s visitors. Although the quality of design is all important,
    enough attention is not always paid to a site’s UI and UX.

    Where you want visitors to go, what you want them to see, and how to get them to the destination of their […]

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    UX in a Nutshell and What User Experience Designers Do

    The context of our online interactions has dramatically changed lately, and in the recent
    years we have encountered a significant shift in the field of technology; Information Age
    has been replaced by the Experience Age.

    In terms of web development, the most remarkable manifestation of this shift is the
    emergence of a new field—user experience (UX) design.

    User experience design grew out of web […]

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    Mind-Blowing Street Art By Bart Smeets

    Whether you love or hate it, street art is something that is here to stay. Going beyond just traditional canvases and materials, street artists are constantly pushing the boundaries and and playing with ideas to make you stop in your tracks. One such street artist that is making waves now is Smates.

    This Belgian artist uses space in a clever way […]